Unlock your garden’s potential with sun-hardened perennials

Author: Chris Cuddy  Date Posted:22 February 2024 

Unlock your garden’s potential with sun-hardened perennials

Ready to plant, grown to last - experience the joy of gardening with tough, beautiful varieties delivered to your door.

Perennial Garden image showing a variety of plants and textures

Start your garden transformation

Do you feel like your planting choices are limited by the harsh Australian climate, leading to a cycle of disappointment and wasted effort?

Are you overwhelmed by the constant care required to keep a traditional garden alive, draining your time and energy?

Are you disappointed by the mundane selection available at large outlets, that are not suitable for your climate and are craving something unique and eye-catching for your space?

Do you desire a beautiful, naturalistic garden but deterred by the thought of complicated gardening processes and uncertain outcomes?


We are here to help

Our sun-hardened perennials are specially cultivated to ensure they thrive in your garden, offering beauty and resilience with minimal water.
Delivered ready to plant, our perennials remove the guesswork and reduce the time from purchase to bloom, simplifying your gardening journey.
We provide an exclusive selection of tough, beautiful varieties that bring diversity and uniqueness to your outdoor space.
Embrace sustainable gardening with our drought-resistant plants, significantly reducing your water usage and environmental footprint.
With our care guide and customer support, achieving a vibrant garden is easy and rewarding, regardless of your experience level.

Here is what our customers say:

"I have ordered plants from you during the year and was very happy with your stock. It came promptly, in excellent condition and things grew very well. Thank you, as there are very few nice nurseries you can visit anymore, someone like you is invaluable for us gardeners. Thank you for your dedication! - Bettina L December 2023

 "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for having such a wonderful range of beautiful and rare plants. I really enjoy your plants. I look forward to buying your plants in 2024" Rosslyn T, December 2023

Features & Benefits


  • Each plant is rigorously sun-hardened, ensuring robust growth and bloom even in the toughest climates.
  • Expansive variety of drought-tolerant perennials, ready to bring life and color to your garden instantly.
  • Orders are meticulously packaged and shipped directly to you, ready for immediate planting.
  • Rare and unique plant varieties not found in standard nurseries or garden centres.
  • Free, detailed planting and care instructions included with every order to guarantee your gardening success.


  • Enjoy a lush, thriving garden without the constant worry of plant loss due to harsh weather conditions.
  • Stand out with a garden that showcases unique, breathtaking plants that are both tough and beautiful.
  • Save time and hassle with our direct-to-door delivery, making garden transformation effortless.
  • Distinguish your garden with rare plants that elevate your space and reflect your unique taste.
  • Feel confident and equipped with expert knowledge, turning your gardening experience from daunting to delightful.


Exclusive varieties limited in stock - secure yours before they sell out!



1. Will these plants really survive in my region?

   - Our drought-tolerant perennials are selected for their resilience across many climate zones. Our plants tolerate periods of dry and heavy frosts - anywhere with from the cold Australian Alps to places with a temperate or Mediterranean climate is where our plants will thrive the best. Our plants are less well suited to sub-tropical and tropical climates (but have been grown successfully in dry tropical environments). Unfortunately, due to quarantine restrictions, we can not post plants to Western Australia, Tasmania or the Northern Territory

2. What if I'm new to gardening?
   - Our plants come with easy-to-follow care guides, and our team is always here to support you, making it perfect for beginners.

3. How quickly will I see results?
   - With our ready-to-plant, sun-hardened perennials, you'll see growth and blooms faster than you might expect.

4. Can I contribute to environmental conservation with my garden?
   - Absolutely. Our selection prioritizes water conservation and supports sustainable gardening practices, making a positive impact.

5. How are your plants different from those in big box stores?
   - Our plants are carefully curated for their unique beauty and resilience, grown with passionate expertise, and delivered with care—unlike mass-produced varieties.