How to nurture some of the rarest and most dramatic houseplants in the world

Obsessed with house plants? You've come to the right place. Wonder at some of the most desirable house plants on the market and find out how you can best care for them so that they thrive in your home.

This isn't any ordinary house plant book. In fact, there is nothing ordinary about these extraordinary plants. From growing his own collection, Tony Le-Britton shows you how to grow and care for the world's most sought after plants.

Detailed chapters on light, water, humidity, fertilizer, variegation, propagation, and pests and diseases have you covered so you can confidently care for all your house plants. Understanding their natural habitats empowers you to create the optimum environment in your own home so your plants will thrive. Combining detailed information and stunning imagery, plants include Monstera, Anthurium, Philodendron, Aglaonema, Raphidophora, Alocasia and Begonia with a special focus on desirable and unusual varieties, including beautiful variegated plants.

Wonder at the natural world with Not Another Jungle and curate and care for your own incredible collection of happy, healthy houseplants.


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